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Masterlass with Gulu Monteiro

Building a Character

You'll Learn

In this workshop you will learn how emotions are fundamentally physical actions/movements of muscles in the face, limbs, and internal organs, and feeling are the mental representation of these actions and also the generator of conscious mind, rationality, imagination, and creativity.


You will create a character that has his own body (different from yours); the movements triggered by emotion in this new body will produce feelings and thoughts that are not yours either.


Enjoy then the freedom to experience your character`s own feelings and thoughts without tapping on your personal psychological issues.


In West LOS ANGELES - Jun 14th - 28th


Spoken in English - Jul 3rd - 19th
In PARIS - Jul 24th - 28th

Meet Your Instructor


Gulu Monteiro, a professor at UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television in LA, and at L’Ecole du Jeu School of Higher Education in Paris. From 1985 to 2000, Gulu led a theater company in Rio de Janeiro, the Companhia do Gesto, where they introduced the language of clowns, masks, and gestures to Brazilian theater. In 2001 Gulu moved to Los Angeles and his work as a director became rapidly well known and he was invited to direct for the most important venues in town: the LA Opera, Broad Stage, and Getty Villa among others. He received the most important awards of the city: Ovation Award, Maddy Award, and LA Weekly Award.


Master Teacher
UCLA School of Dramatic Arts - LA
L’Ecole du Jeu - Paris

What Our Students Are Saying

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