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In Person Masterclass with Gulu Monteiro

Building a Character

You'll Learn

In this workshop you will learn how emotions are fundamentally physical actions/movements of muscles in the face, limbs, and internal organs, and feeling are the mental representation of these actions and also the generator of conscious mind, rationality, imagination, and creativity.


You will create a character that has his own body (different from yours); the movements triggered by emotion in this new body will produce feelings and thoughts that are not yours either.


Enjoy then the freedom to experience your character`s own feelings and thoughts without tapping on your personal psychological issues.

JUN 14th - 28th


Act with ease by just using your body and imagination

10am - 2pm

Mondays and Wednesdays

Price: $850 $460

Our Schedule

Module 1

EDP Theory

Discussion about the foundations of the EDP Theory. By the end, the students will understand what we’re going to be doing, how and why they are going to do it, and what results they are going to achieve.

Module 3


Nature's Elements. In astrology, one of the oldest sciences of humanity, nature's elements earth, fire, water, and air, and an individual's personality are intertwined. For instance, people whose element is air are dreamy and absent-minded. Earth is maternal. Fire is moody and impulsive. Working with the elements helps actors find an inner state for their characters. The actors will choose the element that they feel their character is the closest to. This element will bring to the character an inner state that will be different from the actors’.

Module 5

The Interview

Interview. During an in-depth interview, the character will revisit his/her whole life from childhood to the moment of the scene. These memories and emotions will come from the character, not from the actor’s intellect. They will be attached to the character’s body. From now on, each time the actor brings this body, it will have all the information it needs to deal with any situation as the character.

Module 2

Animal Work

Animals. The actors will choose the animal that they feel their character is the closest to. For instance, a lion (courageous and strong); a fox (smart, sneaky), or a small bird (fragile, innocent.) This image will modify the actors’ bodies, allowing them to start feeling the physicality and energy suggested by the animal.

Module 4


Psychological Characteristics (Adjectives). The actors will work with 3 adjectives that will define the psychological profile of their characters, like selfish, intellectual, or naive. Each one of these images will modify the actors’ body and inner state, allowing them to start feeling the characteristics that each one of these body states suggests.

Module 6

Scene Work

Working on Scenes. The text will be the final step in the process, After having created the characters and after having improvised in the situation, the actors will include the text and start working on the scenes. The body is wiser than the rational mind. By creating a character from the body and not from the intellect, the actor will be surprised in each moment by the character’s freedom and spontaneity.

Module 7

Neutral Mask

The neutral mask is the basis of the actor's work, as it takes his body and mind to the necessary state to start building the character. Working with this mask is a shortcut to reaching a meditative state. The body is at once relaxed and alert and the mind calm. In addition, the neutral mask brings the actor a true understanding of what it is like to be in the present moment.

The process

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$ 460

Act with ease

by just using your body and imagination


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